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Hinds Property Group is the firm to call for expert management of your single, multi-family residential, or commercial & investment properties.

Through Keeper, we partner with our clients to deliver value through our specialized, cost effective property service platform and asset portfolio management solutions.

Our team leverages industry insights, advanced technologies, top-notch talent and strategic planning to secure and protect portfolio assets, generate revenue, and remove barriers to business growth.

Our clients include family offices, owner / landlords, New York State Judiciary, private investors, commercial owners, syndications, co-ops and condominiums.

Our Property Mangers employ their knowledge of the NYC market to maintain code compliance while successfully positioning your property to collect the highest potential value, profit, and savings.

Certifications & Licenses

• NYS Certified Court Fiduciary - Real Estate Broker, Property Manager

• NYREI Property Management Certification

• NYC HPD Local Law I Compliance Training Certification

• NYS Licensed Real Estate Broker of Record

• NYS Licensed Real Estate Agent

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